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Scrappy & Coco is an acid house audiovisual project by Pammela Rojas & Rafael Marfil.

This project was created with the intention of reinterpreting an emblematic sub genre of early house music with today’s technology. The visual part of the project is a synthetic world inspired by port art, where colorful visual patterns interact with music.

Acid House is populated with clichés. Scrappy & Coco like to play with them their own way. The live performances of this duo are a dynamic, intense and completely improvised dance floor extravaganza.

Pammela Rojas & Rafael Marfil present:
Scrappy & Coco - New Steps


To be released soon on Blaq Records!

Scrappy & Coco is a project by Pammela Rojas & Rafael Marfil. Acid house & nostalgia with today’s perspective.

We focus on performing live improvisations of music with acid house aesthetics, colorful abstract graphics and live vocal parts.

A personal point of view on the nostalgia issue.

Dancefloor entertainment.”

"Scrappy & Coco" started out with a small performance for a friend’s birthday. Pammela & Rafael had just acquired their iPad 2s and wanted to try them out.

Pammela used “CosmicPainter” and Rafael “Rebirth for iPad” on that first occasion. From that point on, the setup has changed dramatically, with almost one setup change per event!

The show is intended to make people have fun and to give acid house a new audiovisual twist.

More information will come soon at Scrappy & Coco